Winners June 29, 2013

The moon was high in the sky and all the planets aligned for this to happen.

The winner in the Sport Compact main was a new driver to the class. This girl moved up from the Quarter Midget class and took her first win in the Sport Compact division. Stacy Sutherlin driving the #9 car finished in the #1 position,

The winner in the Southern Sportmod division was a first time winner. Juanita Faddis took first place after taking the lead early. Juanita drives the #31 RockStar energy drink entry.

The Hobby Stock division saw a new winner also. Leon Shim nosed out a win to put another new winner in the ranks. Leon was driving the # 93 Davey Phillips entry.

The winner of the Modified class was, surprise, another new driver. Derrick Rhoden in the #44 entry lead the entire race to get his first checkered flag of the season.

The Stock Car class saw a veteran driver pull off the first win of this season. Steffan Carey drove the #3 Witten Warriors entry to a first place finish.

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