Winners June 11, 2011

A Few Winners Photos

Mini Sprints

1st: Kenny Brewer
2nd: Eric Smith
3rd: Caleb Saiz
4th: Cody Dons
5th: Mike Brewer

IMCA Southern Sport Modifieds

1st: Zach Rouse
2nd: Julie Boettler
3rd: Dakota Kibel
4th: Zach Hamilton
5th: Ace Eavenson

IMCA Stock Cars

1st: Rex Higgins
2nd: Lee Moss
3rd: Frankie Hendershot
4th: Steffan Carey
5th: Danny Stevenson

IMCA Modifieds

1st: Aaron Spangler
2nd: Regan Tafoya
3 rd: Jason Keeler
4th: Danny Bradford
5th: Glenn Bray

Hobby Stocks

1st: Jeremy Bradley
2nd: Dennis Spencer
3rd: Roger Nixon
4th: Jerrett Guilory
5th: Amador Milliano

Powder Puff Derby, Sports Modifieds

1st: Maygen Carey

More Photos from June 11 — Crashes, Threading the Needle and …

June 11, Kenny Brewer leads the New Mexico mini sprints to the checkers

By Lynn Hensley

The New Mexico mini sprints were featured tonight at Aztec Speedway and Kenny Brewer was the shinning star as he won the 20 lap main event. The first ten laps made for some great racing between Chris Perea and Eric Smith and then along came Brewer. These three raced side by side for a few until Brewer put his #45 mini in front for good. Once there, he pulled away from the field. Finishing 2nd was Smith..3rd went to Caleb Saiz with a strong finish. Fourth was Cody Dons and in 5th was Mike Brewer. The rest of the finishing order was: 6th Chris Perea, 7th Patrick Hurtado, 8th Spencer Hill, 9th Devon Amos, 10th James Hatch, 11th David Gay and 12th Jacob Johnston. Johnston was running fourth when he came to a stop against the turn 3 wall on lap six. AJ Horner flipped his 5x in the warm up laps after hitting the turn 3 wall. He was attended to by paramedics but came away with bruises. His car was heavily damaged.

The IMCA southern sport modifieds came out for a 25 lap race that was shortened to 20 laps due to many caution flags. After more than the normal number of yellows for this group, the outcome was finally decided by Zach Rouse holding on for the win as Julie Boettler was putting a lot of pressure on the leader. Boettler finished .321 seconds back with Dakota Kibel in third. Zach Hamilton was 4th and Ace Eavenson took a nice 5th. Rounding out the top ten was: Tre Harpole, Joey Klemish, Brandon Tenski,Brian Carey, and Juanita Faddis.

In the IMCA stock cars, Rex Higgins notched yet another win as he moved his familiar #47 from the 5th row to the front. The first 17 laps were under green and then a couple of minor spins added two yellows to the mix. Then on lap 22, six cars piled up in turn 2. Three cars were hauled off on the hook as the others continued. In the end Lee Moss moved his #88 to 2nd and Frankie Hendershot claimed 3rd. In fourth was Steffan Carey and 5th went to Danny Stevenson. The rest of the top ten were: Michael Higgins, Larry Bradley, Arlen Cochran, Kenny Hendershot and Traci Jennings.

The IMCA modifieds put 15 cars on the track as several local drivers were racing elsewhere. So a fast and event free race was in store…..WRONG! The track lost it’s usual two or three lanes for racing and became very slick. Many spins and crashes brought out many yellows. Brody Spangler, Garrett Higgins, and Porter Smith all went out due to crashes. Several cars had sheet metal damage but continued in the race. In the end Aaron Spangler put the familiar #16 in front of JJ Harpole and went on to collect another IMCA modified win. Harpole wasn’t so lucky as he lost his driveline with a few to go. In 2nd was Regan Tafoya. A great finish for Jason Keeler in 3rd and Danny Bradford was fourth. Glenn Bray took a top five behind Bradford. The next five spots were: Robert Reed, Tommy Cadle, Mark Rodgers, Jeremy Farley, and Bob Harter. Harter lead this race for the first ten laps.

The hobby stocks had a first time winner with Jeremy Bradley holding off Dennis Spencer at the end of 15 laps. In 3rd was Roger Nixon and fourth was Jerrett Guilory. Fifth was newcomer Amador Milliano.

The last race of the night was the powder puff derby. In sport modifieds, nine ladies ran 10 laps. Maygen Carey won handily in Julie Boettler’s sport modified. Maygen also won the PPD in a stock car a few weeks back. Rex’re going to have to build your daughter a car!!!!

Aztec Speedway will not hold racing next week. We’ll be back on June 25th.

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