Winners July 6-7, 2012

Sprint Car Crash Fest At Aztec Speedway

by Lynn Hensley

Aztec, New Mexico: The NMMRA non wing sprints brought 26 cars to Aztec Speedway on Friday for the first night of a double header. Sixteen cars raced into the main by way of points and heats. Four cars transferred out of the 15 lap B main to make up the 20 car feature. Bill Mitchell won the B Main with Glenn Brace 2nd and Nick Rael 3rd. Dave Burns finished in the final transfer spot. When the green fell for the 25 lap feature, Jordan Mattson jumped into the lead and was obviously going to be the one to beat. Joshua Williams of Phoenix was giving chase in 2nd and Sean Deskins also of Phoenix was in 3rd when a yellow came out for Austin Mansfields’ spin. On the restart, Williams had the lead down the backstretch only to give it up to Mattson in turn 4. The race continued like this until lap 9 when Tom Lee of Prescott, AZ was trying to exit the track at the entrance to turn 3. Bill Mitchell, Steve Nix, and Jason Tanner were all collected by the Lee car. Mitchell and Nix flipped a couple of times with Tanner getting airborne but not rolling. Tanner was taken to a local hospital to check out his elbow. No word at this time on the results. A rather lengthy delay for the removal of the damaged cars followed. On the restart, Jason Grady and Ronnie Smith appeared to make contact in turn one. Grady flipped end over end twice and landed on his side. Jason Grady was ok but the car was done. During this red flag condition, it was decided to halt the race and continue it tomorrow night. So the NMMRA will pick up where they left off on lap 9 and race 16 more laps. And they will race another feature later in the night.

The IMCA stock cars came out and ran their 20 lap feature with a couple of yellows. Kenny Hendershot was going for a “threepeat” but came up way short as he broke a tie rod on lap one when contact was made with another car. Frankie Hendershot, who finished 2nd to his brother in the last two races, came up and won after taking over on lap 19. Frankie raced past Steffan Carey for the win. Finishing 3rd behind Carey was Richard Trujillo with Rex Higgins in 4th and Larry Bradley 5th. The rest of the order was: Luke Rowe, Shane Devilbiss, Jeramey Bradley, Traci Jennings, Daniel Christiansen, David Phillips, Tony Hill, and Kenny Hendershot.

The IMCA modifieds put 18 cars on the track for their 20 lap feature. The first prize money was bumped up to $700 for the modifieds this weekend. Ricky Alvarado took that money home tonight as he won from the pole by leading all the way. Zane Devilbiss made a gallant try to catch him but had to settle for 2nd. Third went to Mark Rodgers in another good run by the #07. Fourth was Danny Bradford and fifth went to Chase Ruble. The rest ran like this: Craig Teter, Allen Bradley, Michael Higgins, Matt Higgins (came in from Texas to race), Tommy Cadle, Zach Hamilton, Alex Kennedy, Bob Harter, Rick Alvarado,Sr., Jason Haug, Regan Tafoya, Kevin Faddis, and J.C. Parmeley of Phoenix. J.C. is leading the nation for rookie of the year in IMCA modifieds. Some bad luck and two cautions put him out of the feature early.

The New Mexico Mini Sprints put 14 cars on the track for a 25 lap feature. A caution free race saw Devon Amos take his 3rd win in a row at Aztec Speedway this year. Jacob Johnston lead the first 9 laps but settled in for 2nd after Amos went by. In 3rd was Dave Van Ess of Phoenix, fourth went to Patrick Hurtado, and Spencer Hill was 5th.

The USRA hobby stocks had a small car count with only five cars running. Amador Milliano won for his 4th time this year. Darrell Cordary was 2nd followed by Jim Griffin, Paul Dorsett, and Kris Faddis.

The mini stocks saw only five minis and one hornet. Tom Gallagher won in his familiar yellow #69 with William Millard 2nd and 3rd went to Breezie Hopper. Fourth was Tom Dutton and fifth Vance Millard. Michael Cody in the only hornet was 6th. But that garnered Cody a trophy and much applause from the fans. Michael Cody was paralyzed from the waist down in a rodeo accident last year. He is back and winning in a yellow #34 hornet race car…and that ain’t no Bull.

Winners July 06, 2012

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