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The Track
Configuration: High banked oval
Surface: Clay oval
Size: 3/8 mile
Elevation: 5300 feet

Track Pitting: Off Turns 3 & 4 and stretches to the north
Cars Enter track: Turn 4
Cars Exit Track: On back straight

Track Improvements

Since Micon Land became the track operator there have been many improvements. These include: the moving of the Go Kart/Quarter Midget track into the infield of the  speedway, the addition of hundreds of yards of gravel in the grandstand area, new safer fencing on the front straight catch fence, repaired caution lighting on the track, pits and general parking coated with magnesium chloride to reduce dust, addition of a misting bar on the water truck to control dust between races, remodeling of the concession stand in the pits and replacing old appliances, replacing non working locks and doors on the property, and the installation of a fueling station on site.

All of these improvements cost dollars. So we ask that you a race fan/enthusiast help get the word out that we are here, we are racing, and it is enjoyable for all ages. Let’s all work together to fill the stands every weekend and enjoy the best damn dirt track racin’ in the basin.

If you like what we have done, to the facility, tell a friend or neighbor to come and see us. If you have an idea for an improvement you would like to see just call the track manager at 505-258-3978 or post it on the web site forum, Facebook or Twitter.


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