Race Winners – August 28

Another crazy night of racing at AZTEC SPEEDWAY.

The only thing the track has not faced this year is a tornado but the season isn’t over yet. The lights went out around 8 pm and we were without power for over an hour. Before the power went out we were able to get all the heats in except one of Mini Sprint and the Modifieds. The track was fast and wide and very smooth. Most classes were able to go 3 & 4 wide which made for a great night of racing.

As usual the Mini Sprints gave us a great show. We want to thank Brian and his group for coming up and wish them well for the rest of their tour.

The lack of electricity at the track earlier was made up during the Hobby Stock race as sparks were flying between the 75 and 2 cars just as the checkered flag came out. The win was given to Roger Nixon because of the protect the leader rule implemented at the track but the checkered flag went to Roger Cordary. 3rd place was Randy Dorsett followed by Brandon Hughes and Paul Dorsett.

The Stock Car Class had a new winner as the 5h car of Frankie Hendershot took the checkered flag. 2nd went to Steffan Carey followed by Samuel Sansoni, Rex Higgins & Allen Bradley.

The Mini Stocks ran a clean yellow free race with the win going to Ross Whipple, 2nd to Amanda Hamilton followed by Jeannie Henley, Darell Cordary & Shelley Griffin.Porter Smith took the black and white again with a close win over Kevin Faddis, Danny Bradford, JJ Harpole and Mathew Higgins.

The Sportmod Class gave the win again to Zach Rouse. Following him to the checked flag was Zach Hamilton, Wayne Soars, Trey Harpole and Dakota Kibel.Our next schedule race is September 17th & 18th.

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